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December 30, 2010


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Tim Catchim

Hello Mark,

I am wondering how you see the difference between ebing multi-ethnic nd multi-cultural. I see there potentially being a big difference, but not necesarily. IT depends on the context. It does urk me though when people confuse multi-ethnic and multi-cultural because you can have multi-ethnic groups that share the same socio-economic frame and basically share the same cultural values and behaviors and tastes and lifestyles. SO I see a difference.

Also, I think organizational culture has to be entered into the equation. When a church develops its own culture, it tends to attract people who align with that culture and the organization ends up replicating and perpetuating that culture. So what you start out with ends up setting the trajectory of the community.

There are of course a lot of variables surrounding these kinds of topics. I would say that after reading Divided by faith, ny general impression was that people click up and hang out in similar groups not necessarily because of racism, but because it is easier and more enjoyable to do so. This is not right from a discipleship point of view, but it is a reality confronting every church. So the real battle begins with discipleship I would say.

Anyways, just thought I would give some feedback.

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