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April 13, 2010


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Billy Frank Alexander

I like this!


Looking forward to reading "Ethnic Blends", Mark.

Up here in Canada multi-culturalism has been national policy since the 1970s, but sadly has little bearing on church life. Segregation by ethnicity is rife, with notable exceptions like Christ Worship Centre in New Westminster, British Columbia. Ironically, the national multi-cultural policy often serves to encourage multi-cultural ghettoization.

John Fuder was talking about multi-ethnic churches in print in 1999, in his book "The Heart of the City" (Moody Press), recently re-released as "The Heart of the Community" with Noel Castellanos. The new edition contains new material specifically about multi-ethnic initiatives in suburbia. Excellent stuff.

Thanks for all you are doing for Christ's kingdom of many tribes and nations, Mark.

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