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March 24, 2010


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Abram K-J

Hi, Mark--I'm thoroughly enjoying your _Building a Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church_ right now, so thought I'd come check out your blog.

Great post and great question: I'm not sure the evangelical world is ready to embrace this notion, at least not every church and every person in evangelicalism is.

I think there are some that are just not convinced a monoracial church is anything short of God's ideal on earth... wielding a free-market capitalist mentality, they may say, Why can't people just worship with people they want to worship with? They will point out that it's not *just* "white" people who do this.

They may also say that the picture Scripture paints in heaven of all nations and peoples worshipping together is what heaven really will be like, but that there's no real compelling reason why we should work toward that now.

I don't buy that line of reasoning myself, but I think it's a strong one in the church.

So as much as I don't like answering your question this way... I think evangelicalism still has a ways to go on this one. (And I'll be sure to include myself as part of the problem, so that I'm not just criticizing others.)

Peter Park

Whether it's the monocultural church or multicultural church we are all prone to not embracing others.

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