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July 30, 2008


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Wow....so much going on at Mosaic.

The irony for me is that God would choose to use us!

Looking back on life, it is amazing, overwhelming, and extremely encouraging to think that as we listen to Him, He will direct us in accomplishing such diverse ministry; and in places we never imagined.

Be encouraged, Mark! God is always showing us more of Himself and using incredible irony to reveal His truth in our lives that makes us stop in wonderment...

You family has really grown since I last saw you!

Congratulations on the book and keep listening; the irony never stops!



Kim Murphy

Irony? hmmm..let me think...there were once a few girls from Boulder City, Nev. that attended Prescott Pines church camp and got kicked out of their cabin, by their elderly counselor that could no longer tolerate them. Along came a certain Mark Deymaz, who smoothed things over and moved them to a new cabin...only problem was that he then had to find them a suitable, and very patient, counselor. In the meantime he had to check up on these "bad girls" and try to keep them in line. One of the girls was even smoking joints in the closet and giggling as Mark would do his daily check-ins. This girl was named Tharina, and would eventually leave Prescott Pines to become a woman who was lost, lonely, and seriously addicted to drugs. Yet this is not the end of the story, as the irony lies in the fact that years later, another of the Precott girls, a.k.a. Kimbo, who had since lost touch with both Mark and Linda, and with Tharina, decided to kneel down and pray to God for forgiveness and guidance: "God, please show me that You are still there for me, even though I have walked so far away from you...please, once again show me your face.." Within the next 3 months I heard from an old friend from Portland about MOSAIC and also found Tharina, who has now turned her life completely around and works with Joyce Meyers...she might even have a television movie made about her! She works with kids who have gotten caught up in the sex industry, and has travelled to India, etc. where children are being abused. Anyways, I asked her, the toughest, of all my childhood friends, if she was saved at Prescott, and then turned her back on God. She said no..I wasn't saved, but Mark had planted a seed.. one that took 20 years to germinate.
I am so sorry to hear of your losses with your child, and most recently, your sister. When things look bleak, Mark, just know that you have planted many seeds..they just might take a little time before they grow.
Send my love to Linda..and let her know that she definitely gets the credit for how beautiful your children are..LOL Love you both, Kimbo

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