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March 19, 2008


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Jim Harvey

> Good words Mark.
> Unfortunately remarks by Obama's pastor and many white preachers
> on TV who preach the prosperity[ send me money] messages
> distort the real message of which you speak.
> Obama made the same point that you have often made -That the church
> is the most segregated place in America.
> Jim Harvey


looks good....bro. I can't wait to read the book
thanks for lunch the other day, maybe we can connect in Dallas


I can see why Jesus used the example of Children. My kids don't see color (they are 9 and 5) or race. They may ask where they are from and why God made us different, but as long as the other children are willing to play catch-one-catch-all on the playground... you can be a friend. As we get older we get more sinful. Why is one of the Fruits of the Spirit Self-control? Why is this our biggest problem? Why doesn't the Spirit seem to have more control over the Church in America?

I feel about the multi-ethnic/economic Church mess the same as I do about the treadmill in my Bedroom. I want to get on it, but my body is like you are going to die anyway. It is a hard fight to feel like we are going to win (humanly-I know the theology about the victory in Jesus).

By the way, I have two chapters to go... Great book. Write some more!

CT Jermin

I am the Pastor of a house church in New York, and was given this book as a gift last week by the Pastor of the Berlin International Church during a concert tour there.
Because of the situations in Berlin, most of the Evangelical churches are multi-ethnic naturally, so it was of no real use to him (his words), but as for me....
Well, it has already blessed me abundantly, and I am only about 50 pages in at this writing. My heart cry has been true Unity in the Body of Christ for many years, but it seemed that my concerns fell on deaf ears (at least in my circles). Every one of the Pastors/Minister/Lay People of course agreed in theory, but little is being done, and all of the usual excuses (Location, Comfort zone, Worship Styles, etc.) were offered up. So to read this book, and find out that: a) I am not alone b)It is being done successfully, c) There are strategies
lifts my Spirit, and strengthens my resolve.
Thank You Mark
God Bless You,
CT Jermin

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