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November 28, 2007


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Related to giving up control... I've found it useful lately to try to make the Lord's prayer intensely personal. Especially the line "your will be done." In the past, I might have just generically prayed that line, but it's taken new meaning for me when I pray "your will not mine in my spending of money"... "your will not mine in how I relate to so and so"... "your will not mine on... etc.. etc" The list of these can go on and on and can get powerful and personal. It is course-changing to look closely at my will (revealed in my current thinking and actions) juxtaposed with what I sense His will is.

I'm curious, since you love to write, do you write out your prayers? I find that even when I am in a crowd of people at the coffee shop, my "closet" of prayer is found in writing or typing out prayers to God.

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