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November 21, 2007


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Dear Pastor Mark,

Oh were do I start; GOD bless you my brother!!! GOD will certainly use your availability to HIS divine will!

Several years ago, I tried to get an article published, unsuccessfully I will mention, in the town I resided in (please scroll down to the end of my commentary). I believe the HOLY SPIRIT placed in me a seed in 2003 that the SPIRIT is moving around the US, and maybe globally! Pride and self centeredness are sin issues that I must constantly be on the look out. I bring this to the light because I was always concerned was this about me or HIM. I shared my passion, really I see now GOD's passion, to tear down those things within the body of CHRIST which creates division, and fuels the secular world of skepticism and non-belief of a need for the SAVIOR and HIS church!

My pastor back home recommended your book "Building A Healthy Multi-Ethnic Church" and a DVD within our Vineyard Ministries. Tears of joy and adoration that this was a "GOD thing" flowed from my eyes confirming this seed that just is not satisfied within my soul after reading your book, reviewing "Come As You Are: Muti-Ethnicity in the Vineyard" CD, and reading Dr. Yancey's "One Body, One Spirit".

I was recently asked what was my purpose in life? Without hesitation, I knew Ephesians 4. When I shared the seed GOD planted within me recently before reading the aforementioned, the response I received was I was an idealist, and that the world needs someone like me but it needs to be in a strategic way. I asked then, what was the strategic way? I still have not received a response, and was not going to pursue the issue out of grace and respect for this brother--nor am I deterred to the call either. I am not sure if he is a "nay-sayer" or waiting for divine guidance.

Just know that this book is bold, and I believe is an accurate biblical paradigm calling the Church to unity.

As we say in military terms, "keep up the close fight " brother! Michael

The Church: The Final Cultural Frontier
Michael Gloss

Think of a word picture for a moment, if you please. Star Trek, Captain Kirk, space….Now imagine, The Kingdom of GOD, JESUS, and HIS Church. Saints, I come to you as a concerned brother of the Faith with this one thing in my mind right now, and that is the Church is the final cultural frontier!

My heart is disheartened to hear a particular body of CHRIST described as Black, White, Hispanic, or a denomination label. It is JESUS’ church. HE redeemed Her with HIS precious blood for both Jews and Gentiles alike, did he not?

It has been my experience, and maybe yours also, that labels have a tendency to separate rather than unify. And we are called to be a body of CHRIST in harmony! Should the Church need such labels to define who we are as a body? Does it subliminally create division as the Apostle Paul warns us against?

A several years ago, I was a pallbearer to a friend of mine who had died. She attended a “Missionary Baptist” Church and this was where the funeral services were arranged. A gentleman welcomed me in as I entered the front doors to this wonderful church. As I began to enter I realized, and knew from the church name, I would be a minority in representation as being White in a predominately Black body of believers. It was somewhat awkward; as this was the first time I was exposed to such a wonderful funeral service, but really an experience and celebration of her life and JESUS! I felt feeling uplifted, praising our GOD, for who HE is, in the midst of the death of a friend. As the services concluded, and we placed the casket in the back of the Hurst, one of the other pallbearers came to me and welcomed me back to attend another day.

I realized now, in the flesh, my mind instantly thought, this was a Black church! I am White. Why would I want to come back to attend? I politely thanked him for welcoming me back and responded I regularly attended another church. What fascinates me is the underlying cause of my uneasiness, then and now, and the reason why I write this letter to the Saints. It is ugly, and you and definitely I might not like this, but it is called sin! It is fleshly sin in our Body as believers.

This is bigger than race, but rather culture acceptance. Do we as a body of believers truly welcome whoever walks through our church doors? Does our symbols, pictures, church names, beliefs, values, etc, demonstrate in action we love and accept anyone as they are, as GOD made them unique? Does our corporate worship style allow an individual feel free to worship CHRIST differently as an individual? The Church needs to be culturally relevant to the community as a congregation of believers’ right down to the individual we come into contact with on any given moment.

It is sad enough that nonbelievers use this same sin against us, our division, cultural prejudice, lack of unity against us. I would argue rightfully so! Are we being the Bride JESUS is coming back for? HIS righteousness is our beauty, and not in our fleshly vanity? We need a change of heart, repentance, and deliverance. There are people out there searching for something, and Someone (JESUS).

I would like to meet and fellowship with a body of believers who are concerned about this sin in the coming weeks. Dear Saints, Please pray and act as the HOLY SPIRIT moves you. Please send any comments to [email protected]

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