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October 03, 2007


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Thanks for the link to the 11th Bienniel Multi-cultural Ministries Seminar. I live in the Chiago area and would love to attend, however the link provided above doesn't seem to work. I would love to access the information on this. Is there another way to access this information?

God has been impressing multi-cultural ministry on my heart for the last few years. I recently became the first African American senior staff person at a predominantly white local church here in Chicago and unfortuneately that did not work out well. The church really just is not passionate about multi cultural ministry, it is currently just a "nice idea" and because of that my experience was not good, but I am determined to pursue this way of doing church. I just wish it did not hurt so much along the way.

Thank you for your ministry, it gives me hope!

Mark DeYmaz

The link provided in my post is the correct and active link to the conference in Chicago. Apparently, there must be some IT problem on their end. Contact the Multicultural Ministries Bureau of the Salvation Army (Central Territory) at 847.795.3058.


Thanks Mark for your powerful presentation to us at the Salvation Army conference. It was great to sit for a few minutes in the lobby and hear more of your passion. I'll pass your info on to Latvia where multiethnic ministry is vital. And, herein St. Louis we have a lot think about and a lot to do. Blessings on your important ministry.

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