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October 10, 2007


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Jim Spoonts

Dear Mosaix NE Team,

What an awesome Mosaix conference this weekend – 171 in attendance!
You did an excellent job in 1) Having the conference at Lancaster Bible College, a great facility and getting the students involved; 2) Selecting Randy Nabors of New City Fellowship/Chattanooga as speaker (people wanted ‘more Randy’); Selecting the workshop leaders, i.e., knowledgeable and diverse in topics; 4) Providing great worship, i.e., the music was great and the artist was a nice touch; 5) Bringing regional pastors as well as PCA denominational leaders into conference; and 6) Just doing an overall ‘class’ job!

Thanks for plowing the ground in this conference. Seeds were planted that will bear fruit in years to come! Your brother and friend,

Jim Spoonts
Executive Director
Mosaix Global Network

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